The Party and Mass Work Department is the adviser, service department and comprehensive administrative body of the party committee of CSEEC. It is the combined department responsible for the Company's party affairs, party building, political work, and the mass work.

The Party and Mass Work Department thoroughly implements Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. Centering on production and management tasks, it carries out a series of thematic activities, plays the politically core role of party members, and improves the execution, cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations. It consolidates the construction of grassroots organizations, strengthens the building of a fine party culture and keep its organizations clean, stimulates all employees to work together in a new situation and to break new ground. At the same time, it actively responds to Shanghai's call for “deepening reform and opening up and promoting innovation and transformation”, and focuses on the theme of "Caring, Innovation, Passion, and Public Welfare" to build the "Home of Employees", thus driving new achievements in production and management, and laying a good foundation for the development of the Company.

The Party and Mass Work Department plays a stable role in the organization, education, and guidance of the Communist Youth League, and promote the recommendation of League members to join the party. With innovative work modes, and with building a cohesive organization of the Youth League as the core goal, the Department focuses on the work idea of "serving the youth and the society", forge ahead with practical work to show the youth staff presence. Meanwhile, with the "Internet+" work model, it uses the new media platform and integrates multiple cultures, so as to conduct brand promotion and form a corporate culture with company characteristics, expand company influence in the industry, and steadily promote the strategic brand deployment and the Company's positive energy transmission.


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Ranked 9th in the 2018 ranking of “General Contracting Completion Amounts” organized by the China Engineering and Consulting Association; ranked 4th among the participating power engineering (design) enterprises; and ranked 14th in the "2018 Ranking of Overseas Engineering General Contracting Business".
For the third consecutive year, CSEEC has been listed on the “Top 80 Chinese Contractors” co-sponsored by the authoritative media of the US “Engineering News Record” (ENR) and China's “Construction Times”, and ranked 7th in the ranking of “Most Profitable Contractors 2018”.
In 2018, CSEEC won the Shanghai “May 1st Labor Award”

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