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  • Ding

    A product of unity, authority, and prosperity
  • Cooling tower

    Power plant: the cornerstone of our business
  • Character

    Symbol of China, the Group and CSEEC

The CSEEC logo incorporates the visual elements of Chinese character "中", the cooling tower and ancient Ding in China.

The central part of the logo is the Chinese character“中”, which is the first character of the Chinese name of ESEEC, representing the name of the enterprise and also reflects its background of state-owned assets.

The outline of the logo adopts the shape of the cooling tower, which reflects the “energy” industry attribute of CSEEC.

The central part of the logo also combines the element of Ding, which means “being trustworthy” and “shouldering heavy responsibility”, and represents integrity, stability and strength.

The logo uses blue and red colors, which is a combination of tradition and innovation, strength and passion. The overall logo is simple, steady and grand, expressing the spirit and connotation of CSEEC.

About us

Ranked 9th in the 2018 ranking of “General Contracting Completion Amounts” organized by the China Engineering and Consulting Association; ranked 4th among the participating power engineering (design) enterprises; and ranked 14th in the "2018 Ranking of Overseas Engineering General Contracting Business".
For the third consecutive year, CSEEC has been listed on the “Top 80 Chinese Contractors” co-sponsored by the authoritative media of the US “Engineering News Record” (ENR) and China's “Construction Times”, and ranked 7th in the ranking of “Most Profitable Contractors 2018”.
In 2018, CSEEC won the Shanghai “May 1st Labor Award”

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