Excellent talents are the foundation of enterprise development and an important factor in maintaining core competitiveness.

CSEEC uses scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad career development space to recruit talents. Through detailed employee career development plans, it helps employees realize personal value and social value in their career growth.

The Company requires every employee to have moral integrity, a good spirit of solidarity and cooperation, a tenacious will, strict execution, humility, enthusiasm, and the courage to take responsibility.

It provides a good working environment and development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management, and advocates simple and sincere interpersonal relationships to creates a harmonious working atmosphere.

The Company cares about the life of its employees and encourages them to pursue physical and mental health and family harmony. It supports employees to carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, allowing them to relax in their work, so that employees can work hard and live happily.

CSEEC is always working to create a corporate atmosphere of striving for excellence in quality, and focusing on the cultivation of team culture and the cooperation spirit. It attaches great importance to the harmonious integration of long-term development of employees and sustainable growth goals of the enterprise and promote each employee to realize the growth and development together with the Company.

We sincerely welcome excellent talents to join CSEEC!

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Ranked 9th in the 2018 ranking of “General Contracting Completion Amounts” organized by the China Engineering and Consulting Association; ranked 4th among the participating power engineering (design) enterprises; and ranked 14th in the "2018 Ranking of Overseas Engineering General Contracting Business".
For the third consecutive year, CSEEC has been listed on the “Top 80 Chinese Contractors” co-sponsored by the authoritative media of the US “Engineering News Record” (ENR) and China's “Construction Times”, and ranked 7th in the ranking of “Most Profitable Contractors 2018”.
In 2018, CSEEC won the Shanghai “May 1st Labor Award”

About us
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