CSEEC Won the "Sunshine Power" Award by Youth Development Foundation of Jiangsu Province!

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On March 25, 2017, the First Session of the Third Council of Jiangsu Provincial Youth Development Foundation Self-Help Sunshine Educational Foundation 2017 was held in Nanjing. CSEEC, as an important partner of the Foundation, attended the meeting, and Mr. Liu Bin and Secretary Song from CSEEC were present at the meeting.

Mr. Wei Yueqing, Secretary-General of Youth Development Foundation of Jiangsu Province issued "Sunshine Power" Award to CSEEC, and expressed thanks for the contribution made by CSEEC to support for the Foundation and contribution to the social public welfare undertakings in recent years. Mr. Liu Bin, as a special guest, issued "Moving Figure" awards to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Foundation.

Among seven people winning the "Moving Figure" award, Mr. Tan Xingliang is the principal of Chongqing Sunshine Hope Primary School funded by CSEEC, he stood out of 100 teachings in "photosynthetic camp 2016" organized by Motivational Sunshine Educational Foundation and won the title of "the best trainee". At the meeting, Mr. Tan, as a representative of the winners, shared his own teaching method, management ideas and thoughts.

In the past three years, CSEEC has built three hope primary schools successfully inGansu,Chongqing,Yunnan, and actively paid return visits through a series of material aid, employee support education, keeping track of the development and construction of hope primary schools. In the future, CSEEC, while developing main business, will increase input in such aspects as social manpower and material resources input, try to make positive contribution in the environmental protection, community feedback, education, medical assistance, etc.

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