CSEEC Design Business Division Civil Engineering Department won the title of "Work Pioneer"in Shanghai

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In the previous day of "May 1", the selection of 2017 ShanghaiMay 1 Labor Certificates, Medals, Workers Pioneer were announced. CSEEC Design Business Division Civil Engineering Department won the title of "Work Pioneer" inShanghai.

CSEEC Design Business Division Civil Engineering Department is good at innovation and courageous to fight; under the context of the rapid growth of company's business, it has fully implemented the scientific outlook on development, continue to explore technology upgrade, carried forward the good style of arduous struggle, closely focused on the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, served the Shanghai "innovation driven development, economic transformation and upgrading", practiced "six-type team" construction management mode, and adhered to the innovation team building, and it has won such honorary titles as the "Outstanding Young Team in Shanghai", "May 4th Youth Medal (Collective) in Shanghai".

What lies behind these honors is a perfect interpretation of "spirit of craftsman". As early as in July 2016, after receiving the temporary plan of Delong project, the Civil Engineering Department has made careful organization, and cooperated closely to complete 9 volumes of the civil construction drawings of a coal conveying system in 7 days incredibly. Spirit of craftsman lies in being excellent, professional, focused, and meticulous. It is the virtue of modesty, perseverance, carefulness and patience that makes a good team with originality.

In "13th Five-year" period, the state puts forward the more strict requirements for energy conservation and emissions reduction as well as environmental protection in electric power industry. The Civil Department will carry out the company's business strategy of "conservation, cleanness, safety" and practice the concept of innovation and green design, get engaged in "industry-university-institute cooperation projects" and "innovation workshop projects", and take efforts to create greater benefits to the company through scientific innovation.

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In 2018, CSEEC won the Shanghai “May 1st Labor Award”

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