Congratulations to CSEEC Trade Union Winning the Title of "Model Staff Home" !

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Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informatization Work System Trade Union Work Committee issued the documentDecisions on Commending 2015-2016 Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Work System Model Staff Center, Model Staff Small Home, Excellent Trade Unionists and Excellent Union Activists, rewarding the advanced collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in the construction of trade union organizations. CSEEC Trade Union won the title of "Model Staff Home".

In recent years, trade unions at all levels of the system, in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Economy and Information Work Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, taking the construction of the harmonious labor relations as the main line, the staff home building activities as the carrier, and focusing on enhancing the vitality of grass-roots trade unions, has played the role of trade union in organization, guidance, serving staff and safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of workers, and achieved gratifying results in trade union organizations. "Model Home" title indicates the recognition of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Work System Trade Union on the work of our trade union.

CSEEC Trade Union was founded in 2012 and subordinated to the Trade Union Committee of China Pufa Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. CSEEC Trade Union, under the leadership of party organizations and parent unions, can focus much on massive innovation and entrepreneurship, and has made solid work, emphasized on efficiency and made outstanding contributions in mobilizing the enthusiasm of the staff, guaranteeing workers' interests, caring staff, and enriching amateurish cultural life of workers. In addition, CSEEC Trade Union has, in conjunction with other departments such as the Integrated Management Department, actively organized and participated in school aid volunteer, blood donation and charity contributions and other public welfare activities, and took concrete actions to convey public philosophy of"giving back to the community, facing the future".

CSEEC Trade Union will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, continue to play a demonstration leading role in future work, set up work platform to serve staff, and achieve more success in the construction of basic level Labour union.

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